Here's your chance to pre-order our NEWEST creations as we go into production.
Our Trunk Show orders are all in!!
NOW we can open these designs to everyone as we still have a few fabrics available.
This is called small batch production or Slow Fashion.
“When you invest in and wear made-to-order fashion, it helps both the economy and the environment!”
Thank you so much for being a proud supporter of The Slow Fashion Movement and hope you find some special pieces in this collection to love this spring!

Watch the Trunk Show Replay Here
Note**The promo codes for the Trunk Show Replay were only applicable to attendees on Feb 13th. If you are interested in attending our next event make sure you are on our email list.
Extra Note** The Infinity Flow Cardigans and matching Sashes are being shipped from Vancouver so please oder them separately from the rest of the collection as explained in the Trunk Show Replay.
Infinity Flow| Spring 22
Infinity Flow| Spring 22 $155.00 CAD
Sash Belt | Infinity Knit
Sash Belt | Infinity Knit $45.00 CAD
Explore More Sweatshirt | Spring 22
Explore More Sweatshirt | Spring 22 $125.00 CAD
Evermore Top | Brushed Venezia
Evermore Top | Brushed Venezia $110.00 CAD

Evermore Top | Brazil Knit
Evermore Top | Brazil Knit $110.00 CAD
Evermore Top | Brushed Venezia Prints
Evermore Top | Brushed Venezia Prints $110.00 CAD
Origami Dress | Cream Navy
Origami Dress | Cream Navy $155.00 CAD
Origami Dress | Brushed Venezia
Origami Dress | Brushed Venezia $155.00 CAD

Sash Belt | Brushed Venezia
Sash Belt | Brushed Venezia $45.00 CAD
Origami Dress | Brazil Knit
Origami Dress | Brazil Knit $155.00 CAD
Sash Belt | Brazil Knit
Sash Belt | Brazil Knit $45.00 CAD
Travel Pants| Brushed Venezia
Travel Pants| Brushed Venezia $185.00 CAD

Scrunchies | Brushed Venezia
Scrunchies | Brushed Venezia $15.00 CAD
Pearly Pins | Spring 22
Pearly Pins | Spring 22 $8.00 CAD
Travel Tights | Houndstooth
Travel Tights | Houndstooth Sold Out

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