Who knew... when I designed this Mariposa Kaftan (an elevated version of a housecoat/dressing gown) that I would be launching it during a lockdown. A time when PJ's rule - and the NEW work from home dress code is comfort and leisure - looking like you got it together from the waist up for your daily desktop meetings!

I'll be introducing this design in different limited edition fabrics including wrinkle-free chiffon and super soft PJ perfect jerseys. Due to the lockdown, all of our fabric mills are closed so we are working with our own "fabulous but limited" fabric inventory - if you see a design you like don't hesitate as we're working on a first come first serve basis.
Mariposa Kaftan - Mimosa
Mariposa Kaftan - Mimosa $185.00 CAD
Mariposa Kaftan - Blossom
Mariposa Kaftan - Blossom $185.00 CAD
Mariposa Kaftan - Murano
Mariposa Kaftan - Murano Sold Out
Mariposa Kaftan - Earthy Wave
Mariposa Kaftan - Earthy Wave Sold Out

Mariposa Kaftan - Turquoise Burnout
Mariposa Kaftan - Turquoise Burnout $185.00 CAD

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