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Wear-Ever Skirt Dress | Spring 23

Pre-Order for end of March - Introducing the Wear-Ever Skirt Dress in fresh NEW Brushed Venezia Prints and dark solids.

Originally designed for our destination wedding clientele as a fun version of a "Going Away Dress", the Wear-Ever soon became a worthy contender for your favorite travel dress. Created for the savvy traveler, this design is so versatile, making it ideal for any type of travel personality. This cool multi-way design is great for both long and short vacations...not to mention everyday adventures. The specialty snaps, unique only to the Diane Kroe brand, can be easily styled for different looks. The upside-down feature allows maximum options with minimal packing decision overwhelm.

For this collection we created coordinating designs to make you the perfect Kit Collection made up of 6 easy pieces that coordinate together creating an interchanging mini wardrobe that packs light and transcends trends.

Matching Reversible Bralette - Adds straps to strapless styles for ladies who need support.  Paired as a top with the Wear Ever as a skirt makes a gorgeous maxi dress.

Wrap Top - Add some sleeves to your Wear-Ever when wearing it strapless or skirt style. Choose a solid colour to match your print.

Origami - Can be worn as a long sleeve or halter top to pair with your Wear-Ever when wearing it skirt style. Choose a solid colour to coordinate with your print.

Evermore Top - Gives you even more looks when pairing it with your Wear Ever worn skirt style.  For this style you can either choose the matching print or solid.

Sash - The matching Sash is always fun to have for accessorizing. You can match the print or go with a coordinating solid colour. Or both.

*Note: the Wear Ever length is 36" to 38", depending on the size.
**Note: Prints will sell out fast so make sure to order matching sets together.
Color: Blue Paisley
Blue Paisley
Wine Paisley
Black Brushed
Size: 1
Scroll down for our most popular how-to-wear ideas.
A little black strapless dress is the backbone for every well-rounded travel wardrobe.
Simply pull the band over your bust and place seam down the front. Now you have an easy to wear dress for day or night.
Supremely chic neckline with a little sexy hemline. The upside-down design feature allows you to achieve this look. Step into the dress with the band at the bottom and snap the first 2 snaps closest to your neck creating a crew-neck opening.
Pull the band down to create a longer hemline and pair with a Scalloped Sash for a sophisticated look that can go from day to night.

This romantic one-shoulder version has wedding-guest written all over it. To get this look wear band at the bottom and fasten all snaps over your shoulder on one side. Then secure with one snap under the arm on the opposite side. Tuck in access fabric creating a pocket.

Slouchy, comfy and classic perfection for a go to travel dress. Wear with band at the bottom and adjust snaps to make an off shoulder neckline.

Sexy, slouchy and polished makes this top a favourite silhouette. Wear with the band at the bottom and snap over your shoulder to create your desired neckline. Bring band to your waist and blouse over. To get this look pair with an Ombré Endless as a skirt.

An all-day style—A slim-yet-slouchy silhouette that will take you practically anywhere. With band at the bottom fasten all the snaps over your shoulders. Pair with an Ombré Endless as a scarf to take this look into fall.
An occasion-worthy maxi with a gorgeous hourglass silhouette.
Pull band to your waist creating a skirt. Pair with the Ombré Endless for this elegant evening look.

A sophisticated slip dress style you’ll reach for all season long, whether under a cozy sweater for work or on it's own for warm weekends away.
Wear band over your bust and seams down the side for an A-line silhouette. To get this look pair with an Infinity Flow Travel Cardigan.
The Wear-Ever Skirt/Dress has been Diane Kroe original design since 2003 offered in limited edition fabrics and prints now updated with new the new hidden snap design features.

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