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Infinity Flow - Coral

  • Coral Infinity Flows are perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit!

    Named by our customers the “Infinity Flow” because of its infinite ways to wear, now in Coral Infinity Knit, this spring sweater with it's lightweight and airy silhouette will be your next go-to piece! This One Size versatile cardigan is a wardrobe staple taking you from dressy to casual effortlessly. Wear it as a long cozy duster style cardigan, raise the neckline into a shawl collar and create a shorter soft jacket, use the hidden zipper to transform into a lovely swing style pullover. Also worn as a baby doll style cover-up and ruffle hem skirt. Once you get it home you’ll come up with even more ideas! ...make sure to share them with us. Scroll down for inspiration.

    "Our signature detail is the custom-designed and dyed invisible zipper (exclusive to only Diane Kroe products) strategically hidden in the seam which allows you to easily transform from a sweater to a cardigan. We also use a special baby hem finish to create a frilly effect."

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  • Imported straight from Italy our *NEW* Infinity Knit is a high-quality blend of 73% Poly, 23% Viscose, 4% Spandex. Creating the perfect fiber combination for a luxe natural feeling fabric with it's lightweight, soft finish which is very similar to a high-quality natural fiber jersey, only we have added Poly to avoid wrinkles, pilling, and shrinkage when washing. Everyone's favorite feature is the minimal lint and pet hair cling which is essential for a refined look. We also added spandex (an elastic-like yarn) to create "memory" which prevents the garment from stretching out of shape. The ultimate weight of 7-7.5 oz means our jersey is heavy enough for warmth but light enough to drape beautifully without being see-through. We love this new fabric for its easy care and cozy feel yet it still gives you a polished look that makes it travel-friendly by easily transitioning from casual to dressy and takes up little space when packing.

    Washing Instructions:
    Diane Kroe's goal is to make your life easier by using fabrics that are beautiful yet stress-free. Simply place your garment in a mesh laundry bag and into your washing machine on the delicate cycle in cold water or hand wash in cold water. Wash your garment separately. Do not wash with towels for risk of pilling. After washing, lay flat to dry. Do not bleach. Your pieces will remain as good as new for a long time.  Our quality and workmanship are designed to last. Each garment is made to order.  Proudly and ethically made in Toronto Canada. 

    *Note: Natural fibers are not always wrinkle resistant. When packing your garment roll instead of fold to avoid creasing. To remove wrinkles hang the garment in the bathroom while taking a shower, steam will help smooth out creases.

  • Refunds:
    At Diane Kroe every garment is made to order, just for you, in our Toronto studio. For this reason, purchases are non-refundable as we pay our workers by piece. Happy customers are our main priority and we will make the necessary adjustments to ensure your Diane Kroe design meets your expectations.

    Exchanges: Simply follow the details here.

    Exception: We try our best keep our shopping cart current, though sometimes we may unexpectedly sell out of a fabric. We will be happy to send you a full refund if there is no other option to your liking.
Size: One Size
Color: Summer Coral
Summer Coral
Material: Infinity Knit
Scroll down for how-to-wear ideas.
A chic hands free solution for when you don't fee like carrying a sweater just-in-case you need it.
Simply tie the sleeves around your waist and make sure to place the shorter ruffles on the out side for an extra flouncy look.
If playfulness is your style try this version layered over a Travel Tube Dress. Tie the sleeves over your bust for a girly ruffled top.

Add a little drama with this cross front version of the baby-doll. A halter that will carry you through the cooler months. Tie the sleeves over your bust then tie again around your neck.
A striking long version of a cardigan and ideal for transitioning into the cooler temperatures. To achieve this look open up the Infinity Flow and slide your arms into the sleeves.
A beautiful statement style, great for work meetings, lunches and dates. Get this look and create a shawl collar by gathering fabric towards your neck and wrap, secure with a Scalloped Sash.
An elevated version of a simple pullover design. Unzip the hidden zipper and now you have an opening. Wear like any other long sleeve top and adjust the neckline off to one side.
A trend proof look for the office by mixing and matching the the Scalloped Sash as a scarf and The Travel Tube as a pencil skirt. To achieve the crewneck simply adjust the zipper opening to make a narrower neckline.
The Infinity Flow Cardigan is chic, timeless and versatile.
Made-to-order just for you in Toronto Canada.