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Living Light

When travelling we all know to pack the bare essentials, taking only what is needed to enjoy our time away.  But why not apply the same travel light philosophy to our daily lives too? In other words, how much more time, energy and peace of mind could we gain each day, if we just focused on what really matters?

Editing out all the unnecessary things, thoughts, and busyness that detracts from a more meaningful life experience is worth thinking about given the return is a richer more satisfying life. But where would one begin? Don't worry the solution doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming, in fact quite the opposite.

Living light is a lifestyle practice that promotes simplicity, clarity, and personal growth. It's a way to live life, whereby your happiness, health, success, security and liberation become key motivators that focus your thoughts and actions.

Each month we'll cover a specific area of your life to discern what's important and what's better left out. You'll be asked to take an honest look at yourself and your life to find out if your actions are in alignment with your happiness and well-being. So get ready to take this journey with us, and learn what it means to live light!

By Mashi Amani, Spiritual Life Coach & Living Light Wellness Expert

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