A collection of multiway travel pants designed for capsule wardrobe aficionados and ladies who love to minimize their wardrobes. 
Less is More
Fisherman's Pants $150.00 CAD
Pocket Pants : Wide-leg to Dressy Joggers worn wide leg style
Pocket Pants : Wide-Leg to Dressy Joggers $150.00 CAD
Reversible Pant
Reversible Pant $150.00 CAD
Travel Pants - Jumpsuit
Travel Pants - Jumpsuit $175.00 CAD

Travel Tights - Brushed Venezia
Travel Tights - Brushed Venezia $110.00 CAD
Travel Tights - Denim Print
Travel Tights - Denim Print $110.00 CAD
Travel Tights - Distressed
Travel Tights - Distressed $110.00 CAD
Travel Tights | Wild Prints
Travel Tights | Wild Prints $110.00 CAD

Travel Tights ~ Brazil Knit
Travel Tights ~ Brazil Knit $110.00 CAD

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Size & Fit
.Diane Kroe Celebrate your curves

Diane Kroe designs for real women of all different body types. 

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