It Really Lives Up To It's Name

The possibilities are Endless. Small enough to fit in your purse but big enough to wear as a poncho or even a skirt, the Endless has a styling option to meet any occasion or mood.
Diane Kroe Endless Less is More
Endless $85.00 CAD
Convertible Travel Scarf Endless as a scarf
Mai Tai Endless $75.00 CAD
Amazona Print Endless Worn Scarf Style
Endless - Amazona Print $85.00 CAD
Endless - Canadiana Reversible Bamboo
Endless - Canadiana Reversible Bamboo $95.00 CAD

Endless - Merino Wool
Endless - Merino Wool $115.00 CAD

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Size & Fit
.Diane Kroe Celebrate your curves

Diane Kroe designs for real women of all different body types. 

Diane Kroe Size ChartDiane Kroe Universal size chart


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