How do I wear my pieces?

Each piece from the Diane Kroe Collection is unique in that it can be worn multiple ways! Most of our pieces can be converted into 3 or 4 different styles. Your purchase includes a customized style guide specifically for the piece you bought. This style card gives you directions and image references to help you create all the different looks.

In addition, you can view videos for each piece on our website.. Find your piece in our Shop to see the corresponding video. You can't go wrong with all this help available.

Let YOUR creative juices flow and try making some of your own styles with your piece. As you grow your collection you will find the possibilities are endless! 

What fabrics do you use?

Our Venezia fabric is a high quality poly/spandex blend (92% poly and 8% spandex). This luxe travel friendly material is silky to the touch and drapes beautifully over your curves. Our signature styles are rarely clingy and cut away from the body creating timeless designs that flow, change and adapt to you.

The 8% spandex allows our garments to be flexible enough to fit all sizes and body types comfortably, yet will return back to its original shape. The 92% poly gives our styles the ability to be easy-care, wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying. It also adds a slightly silky, dressier texture without compromising durability.

How do I clean my Diane Kroe pieces?

All of our pieces are machine wash and tumble dry. On vacation with no washer and dryer? Don't sweat it! Simply wash in the sink of your hotel room and hang dry. All of our pieces dry very quickly so it will be ready to wear again in no time.

Remember, when washing your Diane Kroe pieces in a washing machine, place in a mesh bag and do not wash with towels (for risk of pilling). 


How does the fabric fare in a very high humidity climate with considerable sweating? Will the sweat show readily?
In high humidity I find the fabric fine but of course I prefer styles without sleeves.  The fabric is like any workout wear with a wick-away detail.  This means perspiration is absorbed then drys quickly.  I usually wear halter styles in the heat but if you need a sleeve use the styles where the sleeve is not close to the underarm like the Origami or One 4 All top.  

I love your collection! Can I feature it on my blog?

Please do! Diane Kroe loves bloggers, especially those who love travel, fashion and wellness. Please cite on your blogs "Images courtesy of Diane Kroe"; and include a link back to our website (http://www.DianeKroe.com). Send us the post and we will link back to it from our site!.

What are your sizes?

Our sizes start at XS which is our size 0 and XXXL which is our size 6. See our size chart for accurate measurements here. 

What does the model wear as under garments to keep from having  panty lines or bra lines?

Our models usually wear a smooth (no lace) strapless halter bra or regular bra.  Undergarments too are usually nude colour and smooth.  Most of our designs are cut away from the body to camouflage lines or double panelled in the bust area so they are not see through and have extra support.  Depending on your build you may not need a bra with some of our designs as we have elastic and reinforcement built into the bust area. 

I’m curvy; do you have clothes for me?

We sure do! At Diane Kroe we love our curvy goddesses! You’ll find models of all sizes demonstrating how versatile our pieces are at all of our shows. Check out our style gallery to see customers who have shared photos of themselves in our collection. 

Do you offer custom sizing?

Heck yes we offer custom sizing! Contact us and we can give you a custom quote. 

Where is the collection made?

We are very proud to say that all of our pieces are locally hand made in Toronto, Canada. Special thanks to our incredible sewer Bob - He's the best!

Where do you ship?

We can pretty much ship anywhere. 

How long will it take till my order arrives?

Most of our designs are made to order with 2 weeks being our normal turn around time. If we are super busy it may take a bit longer but well worth the wait. (We will advise you of any delays)

Who pays duties…?

The purchaser is responsible for any additional duties or fees incurred during shipping to the US or Internationally.  Though U.S. customers can purchase up to $800 Canadian duty free.  

How can I track….?

We will send you a tracking number as soon as your order has been shipped.

What is your return policy?

Click Here

Where are you located?

Diane Kroe is based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada but thanks to the internet we are everywhere.

What if I lose my style card?

No problem! We have online videos for every piece in our collection. You can also download a new style guide for each piece by clicking the style guide for the piece in the gallery.

Who owns Diane Kroe?

1315356 Ontario Ltd o/a Diane Kroe is owned and operated over the past 15 years by designer Diane Kroe. Diane is committed to creating beautiful multi-functional travel wear that encourages women to pack a carry-on and go!

Have Fun, Travel Light! Check out her Bio here.