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Holiday Shopping Guide| Tips on finding the perfect gift in 2016

Diane Kroe Christmas Shows

The winter holiday season can be celebrated many different ways. Whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other we love to spend time with family and friends either at home or away.  These days there so many ways to say happy holidays and celebrate with the ones you love!

The most popular way to celebrate is by gift giving! Come on. Admit it. We all love a great present every now and then!

However, as time goes on it's less about the quantity of presents (goodbye childhood!) and more about the quality, thought, and effort that goes into a gift. Well, the holidays are rapidly approaching and it’s already time to start drafting your shopping list!

This month we are going to help you navigate the challenge of finding the perfect gift with a few tips and tricks that we use when we shop for our loved ones. 

Personally, I love buying gifts for others. It’s probably one of my favorite things! It gives me a chance to subtly let the receiver know that I care and actually pay attention to what interests them.   So here's our first tip!


Diane Kroe Gift Ideas

1. Think About the Person You're Shopping For

A perfectly logical place to start right? Start by thinking about what kind of activities they like. Are they into sports, yoga, or art? Basing a gift around a person’s interests is clearly the best place to begin.

I realize this can be a bit easier when you know someone more candidly, so what do you do if they are new to your life? Well, my personal trick is to think back on the last conversation we had.  What did we talk about? Did we discuss anything funny? Maybe there was something about health, travel, or discovering something new?

This is a trick that has worked for me time and time again and consequently lends to some pretty happy gifting!


Diane Kroe Gift Guide Something Unique

2.  Present Something Unique

The better you understand the person you're shopping for the easier it is to try and find something unique to give them.

I know, Diane and I both agree when it comes to Unique – skip the mall. No one likes a crowded pre-Christmas mall anyway. Yikes!

Instead, visit artisan markets! Many of you know Diane Kroe does holiday markets each year and for a great reason! These markets give you access to something truly special.

Handcrafted pieces made by local artisans. You can find everything from fashion to food, from natural beauty products to original art!  Even authentic handmade ornaments for your tree and unique gifts for those who are difficult to shop for.

Not only is each item unique and different but when you shop at local artisan markets you also help to sustain your local economy! Which is incredibly important. You’re not just buying a wonderful gift, you’re also investing in your local economy.  It’s a win for everyone! Canada is host to many holiday markets during November & December. Oh, and in case you’re wondering here’s the list of our upcoming shows which are rated the best in Canada.  Each artisan has to go through a juried process to make sure their products are made by hand and ethically produced in Canada. 

If you’re in the USA, Europe, Australia or other parts of the world you will know art markets are not just a phenomenon native only to Canada! I’ve found countless artisan markets while living in France. The best way to find them is to head to your local tourism office’s website. They usually have all the details on artisan holiday shopping events!


Diane kroe Gift Guide Budget

3. Determine Your Budget

The truth is, it's not always about what you spend but about how you spend. Some people will be over the moon to receive something small that is from the heart.

We all know our lists can be upward of 10 to 20 people each year so If you are going to spend more money on a gift make sure the gift offers a lot in terms of quality. How much can the receiver use it? Is it versatile? Is it made well?

When spending more money on a gift look for presents that can take them the extra mile. Style, quality, and versatility make for a great gift anytime!


Diane Kroe Shopping Guide

4. Shop Early & Authentically 

It will take a lot of stress off if you shop sooner rather than later. I know there’s always sales leading up to Christmas and it makes you want to wait but the truth is those sales are just a way of moving old products to make way for the new in a months time!

Pffft! You don’t need to play that game! If you shop authentically you can have plenty of time to find valuable gifts and move on to the next stage of holiday planning!

Whether you're at an Artisan market or shopping the boutiques, pick places where the sales staff are eager to chat with you and help you find the right gift. If you’re feeling forced you should probably pass. A good sales associate will assist you in assessing the person you’re shopping for and will help you find the right thing if they offer it!

Alternatively, If you know exactly what you’re looking for, another quick way to shop is online. It might take the excitement out of finding something new but it’s quick and you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

Our Recommendations

If you’re shopping for a travel lover we’ve got some great gift ideas for you! We carry two accessory pieces in our collection that are perfect for every traveler. Is your mom a snowbird heading down south every summer? Is your daughter planning her first trip abroad? Are you planning cabin holiday or even an all-inclusive with friends or family? Any which way these pieces will be the go to items for any destination. Check them out!

The Endless| The most versatile travel accessory $75 CAD

Endless Gift Idea

Perfect for warmer tropical weather, the Endless is lightweight, wrinkle free and can transform into 5-7 different styles! Simple adjustments to this piece give it a whole new look. Take it on the plane and wear it as a scarf. An excellent piece for warm weather it easily converts into a poncho, one-sleeve top, a dress, a beach cover and a flow mid length skirt! The Endless is one size (so it easily fits everyone) and is hand made complete with hand rolled hems. We use our signature Venezia Travel Jersey that is a high-quality poly/spandex blend (92% poly and 8% spandex). Very similar to your favorite yoga, workout, and swimwear to create a light, wrinkle free travel accessory!

Find out more about The Endless Travel Accessory Here


The Carry-on-Cozy| Take it anywhere and everywhere $95 CAD

Diane Kroe Carry-On Cozy gift

A sister piece to the Endless, The Carry-on-Cozy has all the perks of the Endless plus more! Easily style it as a scarf, poncho, bathing suit cover or skirt but it can also transform into a cute bolero jacket with kimono sleeves and even opens up to become a longer cardigan style. If that wasn’t enough, the Carry-on-Cozy is also a one size piece and is offered a new Parisienne travel knit. This fabric is a high-quality blend of 77% Rayon, 18%Poly, 5% Spandex. A warmer sweater knit, it’s perfect for cooler local climates and chalet holidays! Oh and I forgot to mention you can even turn it into a little blanket on the plane while you're traveling!

Find out more about The Carry-on-Cozy in Parisienne Here

The Carry-on-Cozy also come in our classic Venezia Travel Jersey

Both of these pieces are ideal for women who love to travel. They are also an excellent gift for women who love minimalist style and want a lot of versatility in their wardrobe.

Shop Early!

When you buy a garment from or with us in person at one of our Canadian Artisan shows, you are investing in a quality piece of travel wear. All our pieces are hand made right in Toronto, Ontario and offer the finest quality in cuts, fabric and hem detailing. It’s important to us that you receive your item on time so when you order allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery throughout the holiday season. The Post office gets super busy, especially when shipping across the boarder. 

Ordering Online

If you are ordering gifts online you can have them sent directly to your receiver.  It's  especially  convenient if they live in another city.  Just make sure you let us know in the "note" section when ordering and email a note from you with the order # that we can print out and include in your package.  

Are you an Exclusive Customer? If so you'll be receiving our next newsletter for  November with a special peak into new pre-order pieces in new styles, colours and print. This is another great way to find unique gifts for your friends and family that are not available anywhere else! 

Not on the list? Join the Exclusives List here and receive next months special promotions and exclusive offers. 

Shopping With Us

If you are coming to visit us at one of our shows over the holidays we are excited to see you!

We always advise ladies that it’s best to come to our booth wearing tights and a tank so you can easily try on other pieces. Even if you’re not shopping for yourself this can really come in handy. Many of our regular customers will wear their travel tights and a cross top or convertible cami from our collection – but any tights and tank will work!

If you’re with us in person and need to order something special we will advise you on shipping times!

We hope these tips will help you find the perfect gifts this year and we look forward to seeing some of you at the shows!! 

Next Up:

Getting Show Ready!

By the time the blog is live (yes, I had to write it in advance!) we will be one week away from the beginning of our Holiday shows which kicks off in Vancover B.C. Canada!

Diane will be heading there in the beginning of November and I fly from Toulouse to Vancouver on the 7th of November. Keep an eye out on Diane Kroe’s Instagram and Facebook pageas we will be posting lots of behind the scenes footage while we get ready! Also follow me on The Travel Curve’s Instagram account as I’ll be live updating as I plan for Canada and travel back!

December Surprises!

We are working hard for all our online customers! Before we leave for shows we will have a newsletter and surprise promotion ready for our Exclusive customers for December! Stay tuned to see what's next!! 



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