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The Art of Ombré

Blue Ombre trend

Today we are chatting about the beautiful hues of Ombré!

As you know it’s one of our favourite trends for the fall/winter season this year. Lately everywhere we look we find it! Ombré nail art, ombré home decore, ombré hair (which I’m personally loving and sporting myself these days!) but let’s take a step back for a sec!

Yes, it is one of the hottest things going right now but what is Ombré actually? Where does it come from? What does it mean and better yet how is it created?

Well in the name of all things Ombré I’ve got the answers to these questions and more right here!

A wonderful thing about fashion is that it has the ability to be a true art form of its own. Ombré is the perfect example of this and like croissants, couture and many of the decadent things in this world, the technique of Ombré actually (and of course!) is French.

A Little History

In the French language, Ombré means of shadow or shading. It is a progressive colour scheme that moves from light to dark. Interestingly enough it’s actually an older classic practice that dates back to the 1800s. However, it has recently revived in the 21st century and seems to impact many of our daily style choices. And why not right?! The gradual fade of light to dark is absolutely stunning!

Historically, the Ombré technique was primarily used as a way of dyeing fabric. Another way to define ombré is the gradual blending of one color hue to another and from a fashion standpoint, it usually is a multi-hued stripe that has a light to dark colour progression.

A Little Technique

There are a couple of different ways of dyeing fabric to give that ombré effect. Professional textile designers may choose to start with a dark line of dye at the bottom of a garment and use a very wet brushing tool to carry the dye upward resulting in a gradual colour scheme. Another method, is to take an already wet garment and “dip” dye the fabric allowing the dye to gradually progress through the fabric naturally. Finally, for a more finished look the actual thread is dyed before the garment is even produced. This really creates the most polished style of fabric. With Ombré the main objective is always to allow the colour room to scale from dark to light and is a technique that interested textile designers take the time to engineer and master.

Diane Kroe Blue Ombre

Our New Ombré Fabric

We love our new Ombré Venezia Travel Jersey because it offers the finest quality of ombré technique. The progressive colour scheme in each piece is refined to perfection so each look is effortlessly luxurious and elegant! As an additional bonus, our new fabric actually reverses to a solid colour on the other side. With one piece that already transforms 5-7 ways, Diane has just upped the anti by doubling your options on some of our classic travel pieces!  

Last month we held a Pre-Order event for our Exclusive Members offering them a taste of our fall Ombré. It was so wildly successful that when we got another shipment in of Ombré in falls favorite royal and indigo blues – we were just dyeing (pun Intended!) to give you another taste!

Ombré Blue

On the 1st of October we will be sending out our monthly Newsletter to our Exclusive Members. For October our theme is Hues of Blue! Enjoy a sneak peak of our beautiful reversible Ombré blue accessories, Indigo blue tops and fun tropically inspired prints!

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Sign up before September 30th to receive the October 1st newsletter and get your Ombré Blue sneak pieces – Ya I’m on a roll with the puns and play on words today! Woot!

We Want to Hear From You! Share with Us!

Is it a colour? A style? Furniture, nails or maybe even an outfit (wink wink)? We want to know! What’s your favorite kind of Ombré?

What’s Next?

  • We are adding more blogging goodness each month! Keep your eyes out for my next article coming out Mid-October. I will be chatting about shooting a Look Book for Diane Kroe while traveling for two weeks through incredible Italia!
  • Destination Italia Capsule Wardrobe will launch Mid-October! The perfect 4 pieces for a spring/summer getaway to Italy.


 Note: Thank you to everyone who has let us use their images in this post. As we were unable to find some of the photographers to credit we have linked the images to where they were originally found. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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