Designing for a Woman's True Figure since 1998

We recognize that women come in a beautiful shapes and sizes

Whether you are small on top, curvy on the bottom, vice versa, or curvy all the way around, Diane always has her full sized customer's needs in mind when designing her collection of versatile travel pieces

Style + Comfort: Travel Fashion for a Full Figure

Style: To Compliment Your Shape

With over 28 pieces in the Diane Kroe Collection, Diane has conceptualized many classic and new styles that are actually designed with a full figured frame in mind.

Everything from the pattern drafting to the draping is constructed to highlight all of the features our curvy clients love about themselves the most.

Diane Kroe carries garments up to a size 6 which is equivalent to size 20 in other retail brands (see our size chart here)

With special attention to detail and the understanding that no two bodies are alike, Diane also offers free customizations to return clients who need additional support in sizing.

Comfort: To Make Traveling Easy

Diane Kroe uses a hand picked selection of travel refined fabrics developed to lend key features over to the ease of travel.

Wrinkle resistant, light weight and easy care fabric completes the collection allowing for ultimate versatility in styling and packing.

It's never been easier to transform your favourite style into multiple options or pack quickly for that last minute holiday.

Diane Kroe takes the guess work out of traveling fashionably for our full figured customers, leaving only a travel wardrobe that looks amazing on you!

Boss Ladies of Travel + Style + Shape

Meet Our Curvy Travel Ambassadors

We admire these full fledged boss babes for making travel and style their lives and careers.
Hannah Logan
Hannah Logan is a Canadian travel writer and blogger who dreams of being just like Indiana Jones. You can follow her adventures on her travel blog,
Tegan Aileen

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