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Exciting things are unfolding!
Let's create room for learning, listening, and reflection! I naturally sense the importance of honoring the people I cherish, including my beloved customers. Taking the time for crucial discussions about systemic racism is crucial. I'm committed to learning and finding ways to inspire and educate those around me on this vital issue. Supporting the POC in my community is a priority, recognizing that while I may not change the world alone, I can make a difference in my own backyard. It's like tending to a beautiful garden, where each relationship is nurtured with love, respect, and inclusion.

Tegan from the Travel Curve interviews Brittany from the Walls family. She is the "Griot" - Keeper of the oral history and responsible for the continuation of the Museum to enrich and educate us and future generations.
Make sure to watch it to the end and see why Tegan cries...let us know if this interview touched you too. Comment here.
Watch the Interview

Black History Month Interview

Tegan and Diane discuss with Brittany the next steps to help support the Museum and an update of what we've accomplished so far.
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The Underground Railroad was the first great freedom movement in the Americas. It was the first time that good people Black and White and of different races and faiths worked in harmony for freedom and for justice. The abolitionists would use railroad terminology to confuse the slave catchers. A CONDUCTOR would be a person who would lead the fugitives to freedom. It would be their responsibility to get the PASSENGERS (fugitives), from one Station (safehouse) to another until they would eventually reach a TERMINAL in northern U.S or Canada, where there was freedom.

Charity starts at home.

Over the years, my dear friend Melisa (who passed away in 2019) used to share stories about her friend Winston Walls and the incredible work he, along with his brother Bryan, was doing at the Underground Railroad Museum. The Walls family's dedication to educating the public in Ontario about the Underground Railroad, the first significant freedom movement in the Americas, always left me profoundly inspired. I firmly believe that to change the world, one must begin in their own community.

I reached out to Winston and received uplifting news – with the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum is open again for tours this summer. This is a significant moment as they resume providing their crucial Black History enrichment to the community, marking a return to their impactful work after over 30 years.

Let's give them the support they need!

Step #1 - I want you to pour a glass of wine or have a cup of tea (depending on the time of day) and listen to this video.
Click here.

Step #2 - If the video inspired you then donate $10 and watch the virtual tour. (It's from when they first opened the museum and really enlightening to watch) Click Here.

Step #3- If you feel it in your hearts to help keep Black History alive, please donate here.

Step #4- Celebrate your incredible contribution towards helping preserve an important part of Black History by listening to this song. And make sure to spread the word and inspire others to donate and learn about the Underground Railroad.

Step #5 - Now Available -Purchase the book, The Road That Lead To Somewhere, and and encourage others (your bookclub) to read this incredible true story on which the John Freeman Walls Historic Site and Underground Railroad Museum is founded. It's a wonderful story and every book purchase helps keep the museum going so please spread the word. Order Here

Step #6 - Make plans to visit, learn, and inspire others. Click here.

This historic site is located at 859 Puce Road Lakeshore Ontario, Canada. It was an actual Terminal of the Underground Railroad. This site is sponsored by Proverbs Heritage Organization (a Federally registered charitable not for profit organization) and was developed to express the theme of: EQUAL SISTERHOOD AND BROTHERHOOD OF HUMANKIND world wide.

Meet Brittany!

She is part of the Walls family and the "Griot" - Keeper of the family oral history and responsible for the preservation of the John Freeman Walls Underground Railway Museum.
We are excited to announce that she will be doing a series of interviews with Tegan - The Travel Curve - to educate us about her family's incredible story and contribution to both Canadian and American Black History!
We will announce her interviews on our Social media and we ask that you please follow the Museum too.
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