Underground Railroad Museum


A revolution is happening!
I really needed to put on the breaks and take time out to open some space for learning, listening, and reflection!
I inherently felt the need to respect the people I care about and my beloved customers by taking a 7-day sabbatical this June to have important conversations about systemic racism and how I can learn to help inspire and educate those around me on this important issue and what I can do to show my support to the POC in my community. I understand that I alone can’t change the world but I can start in my own backyard by caring for my beautiful garden where each relationship is watered with love, respect, and inclusion.
The Underground Railroad was the first great freedom movement in the Americas. It was the first time that good people Black and White and of different races and faiths worked in harmony for freedom and for justice. The abolitionists would use railroad terminology to confuse the slave catchers. A CONDUCTOR would be a person who would lead the fugitives to freedom. It would be their responsibility to get the PASSENGERS (fugitives), from one Station (safehouse) to another until they would eventually reach a TERMINAL in northern U.S or Canada, where there was freedom.

Charity starts at home.

Over the years my best friend Melissa (she passed last August) would tell me about her friend Winston Walls and the incredible work he was doing with his brother Bryan at the Underground Railroad Museum. I was always so incredibly inspired by the Walls family devotion to educating the public here in Ontario on how The Underground Railroad was the first great freedom movement in the Americas. I have always believed that to change the world you first must start in your own backyard. So I connected with Winston and soon learned that due to COVID 19 pandemic, they are unable to open for tours this summer. This is the first year in over 30 years that they have been unable to provide their very important Black History enrichment to the community.

Let's give them the support they need!

Step #1 - I want you to pour a glass of wine or have a cup of tea (depending on the time of day) and listen to this video.
Click here.

Step #2 - If the video inspired you then donate $10 and watch the virtual tour. (It's from when they first opened the museum and really enlightening to watch) Click Here.

Step #3 - If you feel it in your hearts to help keep Black History alive, please donate here.

Step #4 - Celebrate your incredible contribution towards helping preserve an important part of Black History by listening to this song. And make sure to spread the word and inspire others to donate and learn about the Underground Railroad.

Step #5 - Now Available - Purchase the book, The Road That Lead To Somewhere, and and encourage others (your bookclub) to read this incredible true story on which the John Freeman Walls Historic Site and Underground Railroad Museum is founded. It's a wonderful story and every book purchase helps keep the museum going so please spread the word. Order Here

Step #6 - When COVID is over go visit, learn, and inspire others. Click here.

This historic site is located at 859 Puce Road Lakeshore Ontario, Canada. It was an actual Terminal of the Underground Railroad. This site is sponsored by Proverbs Heritage Organization (a Federally registered charitable not for profit organization) and was developed to express the theme of: EQUAL SISTERHOOD AND BROTHERHOOD OF HUMANKIND world wide.


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