"When I'm working from home I want to feel comfortable and professional. With light weight, wrinkle resistant and pet friendly fabrics, using Diane Kroe pieces to create my work from home wardrobe was the obvious choice!"

-Tegan Aileen @TheTravelCurve
Pocket Pants : Wide-leg to Dressy Joggers worn wide leg style
Pocket Pants : Wide-Leg to Dressy Joggers $150.00 CAD
Travel Tights ~ Brazil Knit
Travel Tights ~ Brazil Knit $110.00 CAD
One 4 All Top
One 4 All Top $98.00 CAD
Origami Travel Dress Venezia
Origami Travel Dress Venezia $150.00 CAD

Diane Kroe Origami Santé long sleeve
Origami Travel Dress in Santé $150.00 CAD
Diane Kroe Brushed Venezia Travel Tights Back
Travel Tights - Brushed Venezia $98.00 CAD
Diane Kroe Evermore Peasant Top worn Halter style
Evermore Top $95.00 CAD
Diane Kroe Evermore Top Art Deco Print Camisole style
Evermore Top : Art Deco Prints $95.00 CAD

Less is More
Fisherman's Pants $150.00 CAD
Harlequin Print Evermore Top worn halter style
Evermore Top | Harlequin $98.00 CAD
Diane Kroe Wear-Ever Skirt Dress in Victoria Harbour
Wear-Ever Skirt Dress | Floral Fade $150.00 CAD
Diane Kroe Jacquard Venezia Origami
Origami Travel Dress | Jacquard Venezia $150.00 CAD

Diane Kroe Snow Bird Print Wear-Ever Dress
Wear-Ever Skirt Dress | Snow Bird Sold Out
Wear-Ever Skirt Dress | Cold-Blooded
Wear-Ever Skirt Dress | Cold-Blooded $150.00 CAD
Travel Tights - Denim Print
Travel Tights - Denim Print $95.00 CAD
Wear-Ever Skirt Dress | Harlequin
Wear-Ever Skirt Dress | Harlequin $150.00 CAD

Moroccan Print Evermore top worn halter style
Evermore Top | Moroccan Print $98.00 CAD
Origami Travel Dress | Moroccan Blue
Origami Travel Dress | Moroccan Blue $150.00 CAD
Evermore Top | Flock Print
Evermore Top | Flock Print $95.00 CAD
Evermore Top | Floral Fade
Evermore Top | Floral Fade $95.00 CAD

Travel Tights - Distressed
Travel Tights - Distressed $110.00 CAD
Origami Travel Dress | Flock Print
Origami Travel Dress | Flock Print $150.00 CAD
Diane Kroe Wear-Ever Skirt dress in Flock Print
Wear-Ever Skirt Dress | Flock Print $150.00 CAD
Evermore Top | Horseshoe Chic
Evermore Top | Horseshoe Chic $110.00 CAD

Wear-Ever Skirt Dress | Botanical
Wear-Ever Skirt Dress | Botanical $150.00 CAD

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