Simplifying your life by maximizing your wardrobe is what we do best. Each design is made-to-order just for you with the best quality easy-care fabrics on the market. We specialize in multiway capsule wardrobe essentials for women who love minimalist fashion. We believe in slow fashion that is ethically made in our Toronto workshop. Each piece is timeless, seasonless, made with love, and created to be part of your wardrobe forever.
Travel Tights ~ Brazil Knit
Travel Tights ~ Brazil Knit $95.00
One 4 All Top
One 4 All Top $84.00
Wear-Ever Skirt Dress
Wear-Ever Skirt Dress $118.00
Wanderlust Wrap - Parisienne
Wanderlust Wrap - Parisienne $95.00

Sleeve & Sash
Sleeve & Sash $65.00
Skort | Brushed Venezia
Skort | Brushed Venezia $88.00
Diane Kroe Endless Less is More
Endless $84.00
Minkey Wrap | Velvet Cardigan
Minkey Wrap | Velvet Cardigan $114.00

Bronze Bangle Bracelet with Wrap Top
Bangle Bracelet $12.00
Travel Tights - Brushed Venezia
Travel Tights - Brushed Venezia $90.00
Diane Kroe Cross Top Getaway with Less
Cross Top $95.00
Convertible Cami - Brushed Venezia
Convertible Cami - Brushed Venezia $92.00

Diane Kroe Origami Santé long sleeve
Origami Travel Dress in Santé $118.00
Origami Travel Dress Venezia
Origami Travel Dress Venezia $118.00
Reversible Bralette
Reversible Bralette $69.00
One 4 All Top - Brushed Venezia
One 4 All Top - Brushed Venezia $84.00

Scalloped Sash Belt
Scalloped Sash Belt $35.00
Diane Kroe Wrap top - Travel Cardigan black
Wrap Top - Venezia $95.00
Travel Pants - Jumpsuit
Travel Pants - Jumpsuit $141.00
Diane Kroe Wrap Top worn cardigan style
Wrap Top - Spa $95.00

Sash Belt | Infinity Knit
Sash Belt | Infinity Knit $35.00
The Diane Kroe Convertible Cami Reversible Tank Top is the Ultimate Travel Friendly Camisole
Convertible Cami $92.00
Sash Belt | Brushed Venezia
Sash Belt | Brushed Venezia $35.00
New Diane Kroe Carry-On Cozy Travel Scarf in Black
Carry-On-Cozy Venezia $88.00

4 Way Sheath Dress
4 Way Sheath Dress $151.00
Evermore Top
Evermore Top $84.00
C'est La Vie Carry On Cozy Travel Scarf worn cardigan style.
Carry-On-Cozy | Brazil Knit $95.00
Endless | Assorted Prints
Endless | Assorted Prints $88.00

Carry-On-Cozy | Prints
Carry-On-Cozy | Prints $95.00
Evermore Tunic
Evermore Tunic $114.00
Mariposa Kaftan | Trunk Show 22
Mariposa Kaftan | Trunk Show 22 $141.00
Diane Kroe Layer Jacket Getaway With Less
Layer Jacket - Venezia $114.00

Chic Shirt | Trunk Show 22
Chic Shirt | Trunk Show 22 $175.00
Butterfly Wrap | Ukrainian Artist Prints
Butterfly Wrap | Ukrainian Artist Prints Sold Out
Diane Kroe Sash Belt Red
Sash Belt $35.00
Freedom Pocket
Freedom Pocket $57.00

Wear the Diane Kroe Travel Tube - Multiway Dress as an off shoulder dress
Travel Tube $111.00
Pocket Pants : Wide-leg to Dressy Joggers worn wide leg style
Pocket Pants : Wide-Leg to Dressy Joggers $114.00
Infinity Flow| Fall 22
Infinity Flow| Fall 22 $118.00
Endless | Lamé
Endless | Lamé Sold Out

Gift Card
Gift Card from $37.98
Wanderlust Wrap - Mendoza Prints
Wanderlust Wrap - Mendoza Prints $95.00
Explore More Sweatshirt | New Prints
Explore More Sweatshirt | New Prints $95.00
Diane Kroe Sleeve Sash Brushed Venezia worn sleeve style
Sleeve & Sash | Brushed Venezia $65.00

Freedom Sleeve
Freedom Sleeve $57.00
Origami Dress | Brazil Knit
Origami Dress | Brazil Knit $118.00
Diane Kroe Butterfly Convertible Cover Up
Butterfly Wrap $95.00
Evermore Dress | Spa Jersey
Evermore Dress | Spa Jersey $114.00

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