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Cozy Assets Nº 2

Diane Kroe Cozy Assets #2
Travel. Work. Play. Whatever your plans may be, this timeless Lookbook is multi-functional, adaptable, and fashion-forward!! Designed to empower you and get you to wherever you're going in comfort and style. Super cozy Brushed Venezia pieces that always look beautifully put together as you work, travel and play. The Layer Jacket - an interchangeable layer for putting on and taking off before, during, and after a long day...or for kiboshing it all together to enjoy some well-deserved downtime:
We've got you covered!
You'll love the possibilities. Introducing five pieces: The Layer Jacket, for warmth with a flared hemline that flatters all body types. Travel Tights, for elegance with a full range of motion by way of tech-forward four-way stretch. The Convertible Cami, for the perfect base to create necklines for any occasion. The Sleeve/Sash for both coziness and accessorizing. A Bangle to add some life to the party.
(All made-to-order just for you)

At this rate, we've created a new capsule wardrobe that will have no trouble keeping up with you.

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in the Cozy Assets Nº2 look-book!
Diane Kroe Cozy Assets Nº2

Embellish with a Bangle

For this look wear your Layer Jacket as a tunic by puling the front hem tips through the Bangle and tie at the back. Layer over a pair of super velvety soft Brushed Venezia Travel Tights and Convertible Cami worn crew neck style.
"A perfectly elegant yet comfy look that will take you from office to event".
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Diane Kroe Cozy Assets Nº2

Create a waistline by adding a Sleeve Sash

Add a Sleeve Sash to accentuate your waist for this look. Wear your Layer Jacket over a Convertible Cami and Travel tights. "Dressy yet comfortable for anyone who loves knits".
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Diane Kroe Cozy Assets Nº2

Back view of the look above.

"We love this look so much it reminded us of an Equestrian style".
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Diane Kroe Cozy Assets Nº2

Knot Front Style

To get this cosy cover-up look simply tie the front panels in a knot and layer over your Convertible Cami.
On cooler days wear it as a layering piece and for warmer weather this look makes a perfect cover-up over your favourite swim suit. Some customers also like wear it as a light housecoat for lounging.
"As you can see, this Layer Jacket is one of the easiest hardest-working pieces you'll ever own."
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Cardigan Style

Add some warmth and colour by layering over basics. Shown here over a Convertible Cami worn Crew Neck style with a Sleeve Sash embellished with a bangle paired with Travel Tights.
"Combining the same fabric in different colours has subtle chic effect."
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Diane Kroe Cozy Assets Nº2

Back view of look above

"Dressy, comfortable and cozy all at the same time."

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