Diane Kroe has been designing women's travel refined fashion since 1998, creating beautiful clothing to simplify your wardrobe and make packing incredibly easy by introducing made-to-order capsule wardrobes in Toronto, across Canada and around the world. Bridging the gap between function and fashion with high quality, versatile designs that multiply your looks in timeless, easy care in luxe travel perfect fabrics.
We're NOW introducing our new SANTÉ jersey,


Naturally anti-bacterial and made from an eco friendly biomass called Chitosan which comes from shellfish.
Chitosan is biodegradable and when it's used in textile dyeing process, it represents an environmentally sound practice and why we love it so much!!
It's a treatment we use on a beautiful super lightweight, microfibre jersey thats similar to your yoga wear only much more glamorous. We chose this fabric because it's flowy, comfortable and opaque with a silky soft feel, matte finish and flexible drape necessary to keep with our brand of luxe versatile designs.

Santé is a recycled polyester fabric made with chitosan, biomass from crab or shrimp shells, combined with textile fibres. It is antibacterial, odor resisting, moisture wicking, breathable, fast-drying, anti-static, pill resistant and has UPF 50.
Extra Light & Lasting
Our new Santé travel jersey is a real game changer when it comes to travelling lighter weighing up to 30% less than most fabrics used for travel wear in todays market. Allowing travellers to pack more and save valuable suitcase real-estate.
Even though Santé is super lightweight it's also durable and made to last endless washes and still look amazing. Shake it out and wrinkles fall away. Stays fresh and odor free all day with anti bacterial Chitosan fabric finish. Line dry in just a few hours or toss it in the dryer and you're ready to go in just 15 minutes.
Our prices are in Canadian Dollars and value our U.S. and foreign customers by honouring the excellent exchange rate.
Beautifully and ethically made Travel Refined Fashion designed to simplify your wardrobe and make packing incredibly easy.

Made-to-order just for you in Toronto Canada.

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Size & Fit
.Diane Kroe Celebrate your curves

Diane Kroe designs for real women of all different body types. 

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