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Signature rolled hem Diane Kroe
The rolled hem is a very narrow hem and is the very definition of elegant sewing. It's perfect for your lightweight fabrics, such as chiffon or silk, as the rolled hem maintains that light and airy look that you'll want to use for your most sophisticated designs."  ~ Professor Pincushion
Our rolled hem detail is what sets us apart from the rest because it's difficult to do and expensive, especially on fabrics with stretch. For this reason rolled hems are not easy to mass-produce here in Canada and are often sewn in countries with cheaper labor costs or are used only for expensive evening wear.  It takes a skilled sewer to implement, not only because it's difficult, but it takes time and patience to create an even and beautifully crafted hem.

A few reasons why you will love and appreciate our rolled hem finish.

  • It gives an expensive elegant finish to our designs creating a light and airy look.
  • You can wear your Diane Kroe design not only for casual outings but also to dressy and formal events.  Our customers feel more put together wearing a dress that has a beautifully finished hem. Elegance is in the details.  Many convertible garments today are made without finished hems because it saves money in production and a typical cover stitch hem is fine for sportswear but not suitable for dressy occasions. 
  • Making an even rolled hem takes time, patience and skill.  Everything has to be perfect... the thread, the fabric, the tension on the sewing machine, the sewer must have a steady hand with stellar consistency when passing the garment through the machine otherwise, the hem will be wavy and uneven.  It's hard to believe but a skilled artisan does all of our rolled hems by hand. This is one of the reasons why customers love to collect our pieces and keep coming back for more.