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Zoom Basics

If you haven't used Zoom before, here are some handy tips!
For the best experience you will need a device that has a camera and microphone and you will have to allow Zoom to access your camera and microphone. You have many options available to you for joining. You can use a computer (or laptop), iPad, or cellphone. The one challenge for some laptops might be the microphone. If you haven’t used your computer microphone before you might want to test this out. If you are doing a single device per person feel free to use your headset if that is your preference. At the end of this email there is a link that allows you to try out your device before the meeting if you want.

1. It is a good idea to download the app before we have our call. This will make sure you have no issues with the app plus I have a link in #2 below that allows you to test it out ahead of time. Here is some ways to download

· For Windows 10 – Go to the link below and click the Download button for “Zoom Client for Meetings”.

· For Apple or Android users – go to the App or Google Play store (but please make sure you are downloading the Official Zoom app). Alternatively click the link below and go to “Zoom Mobile Apps” and download from there.

NOTE: in the link below you will see options for downloading “plugins” as well. You don’t have to worry about that.

· Zoom App download -

NOTE: you don’t need to create a Zoom account. We will send out a zoom link and all of you will be participants.

2. If you want to test out zoom (including your camera and audio) you can go to this link:

3. When you get the meeting invite link, to join the meeting do the following:

1. Clink on the link

2. If presented with options for joining, select “join Audio by computer”

3. You might see a waiting message. Don’t panic – we can’t get into the meeting until our Host starts the meeting.

4.You should be in the zoom meeting.

5. For the best experience have the zoom screen maximized.

6.The one challenge with Zoom (or any videoconferencing) can be background noise and feedback. It is with this in mind that everyone's speaker will be automatically on mute for this zoom. You can see in the screen shot that the mic will have a red line through it.

7. Video will be turned on but you also have the ability to turn it off if you do not wish to be seen.

8. Finally, at the bottom the screen you will also see a word bubble that says chat, you can click on this to access the chat room where you can ask questions about products. Tegan will select as many questions as she can and direct them to Diane.

***Special Thanks to one of our favourite customers Moira Watson-Turner for writing out these instructions for us!