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5 Easy Tips for an Effortlessly Chic Summer

Summer Holidays. We daydream about them being easy and breezy but in fact they can become chaotic and stressful. The kids are out of school, so you’ve got to keep them entertained. Summer plans are being made which means someone (most likely you) will be heading up to your campsite or cottage to get it ready. Then there’s the driving back an fourth -oh and wait - you still need to work and run all the errands you normally do. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like a holiday at all. Before you know it, that leisure time you were dreaming of just magically disappears!

Don’t Fret! We know our Diane Kroe customers are all superstars who can always keep the ball rolling. We want to encourage and support your “me time”. So, for the sake of you, ourselves (because we are there too! Let me tell you!) and all busy women who put their efforts elsewhere, here are 5 easy tips for an effortlessly chic summer!



Drink Filtered Water

Drink Water to stay hydrated

Did you know that the average person is actually dehydrated most of the time? Our bodies need lots of water to keep us going. When the summer comes and the heat rolls in we need even more! To keep yourself feeling fresh and dewy don’t skimp on drinking your water ladies! You can use a Brita filter pitcher or maybe your fridge comes equipped with a filtered water supply. You can even find attachments that go right overtop you tap that will help with filtration. Tap water can have fluoride and heavy minerals in it that will take your body a long time to process. Let an external filter take care of that for you and keep you glow on!

Oh and remember, adding organic lemon juice to your water is a great way to promote natural detoxification!


Long Hair or Short Hair - Nothing In-between

Let’s face it. In the summer it can get pretty hot and humid. The last thing you want to be worrying about is your hair. Having longer hair gives you lots of options. You can throw it up in one of many easy hairstyles that will make your look more polished in a snap. However, if you hate the idea of putting effort into your hair, nows a great time to cut it all off! Let your neck be airy and free this summer! There are a ton of beautiful short “wash and wear” cuts out there. You won’t have to worry about styling and it will all add to that effortlessly put together look. Besides, hair grows back so why not have some fun with it?! Try to avoid mid length cuts and bangs in the summer. There’s nothing like having hair stuck to your face or trying to throw your hair up into a ponytail to have it all sticking out out your head like a peacock!


Keep Make-Up Simple

simple make up

Avoid foundations and powders in the summer. I know, there’s a million brands out there that promise a light weight feel but it’s not light enough! The last thing you want is to be hot and have all these sweat beads rolling up under your make-up which eventually turns into clogged pores. Let your skin breath. In the summer, I usually pair it down to concealer under my eyes, mascara and a tinted lip balm. Just a tiny little pop to accentuate your best features.


Statement Shades

effortlessly chic shades

In the summer every women needs a good pair of statement shades. Statement shades will do half the work for you! Throw your hair up, throw your shades on and boom! The work is practically done for you! Sunglasses are a win win because they protect your eyes and the skin around them from harmful rays all while contributing to your effortlessly chic look. Pick something fun that expresses your unique style. I love pink so I have a pair of retro style shades with a light pink rim. The pink is light enough that it’s almost neutral so it works with all my summer looks. The light rim helps to brighten up my face and are fun for summer.


Breezy Outfits 

Effortlessly chic outfits

When shopping for your summer wardrobe you want to look for pieces that can keep up with your busy lifestyle while maintaining a polished, breezy style. Look for fabric that is silky soft, wrinkle free and breathable. Try pieces you can mix and match that go together effortlessly.  

Now of course, this is where we come in! Diane Kroe is the expert in carefree elegant fashion. Not only does each piece in her collection hit all the check points but it's also versatile so you can go from day to night with ease. Each style has multiple looks and they are easy to style. Not complicated like other convertible clothing. 

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Well Ladies! We hope you enjoyed these 5 Easy Tips for an Effortlessly Chic Summer. Stick to these and the Super Women you truly are will shine inside and out!

What's you ultimate summer tip for a breezy carefree summer? Share it with us in the comments below! 

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