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Inspiration to Design - Getting to Know Diane Kroe

Diane Kroe fashion designer

Every Diane Kroe design begins with her customers, they are the inspiration behind each creation. “Fashion Engineer” is a common term used to describe her work as each piece is meticulously crafted to not only look beautiful but also comfortable, timeless and versatile. Her focus is to meet her customers high standards by paying close attention to quality and detail. This is the reason behind her successful career designing women’s fashion for over 20 years.


 Each Diane Kroe design must meet the following standards.


~Versatility without complication. Style options must be easy to implement without complex instructions.From Diane’s experience customers cringe when they hear “convertible clothing” because of past negative experiences and Diane works hard to change the stigma by avoiding the use of long complicated ties and toga inspired squares of fabric. 

~ Quality finishings and excellent fit. Each design has hand finished rolled hems and a full size range from xs to xxxl. No cutting corners with unfinished hems or a one size fits most sizing system.

~ Long lasting timeless designs. Each Diane Kroe garment is expected to last in both design and durability. 

~ Easy care. All Diane Kroe fabrics are easy to pack, wrinkle-resistant, and machine wash. Inspired by travel and designed for everyday life.

~ Comfort and support. Dresses are cut away from the body with a flattering fit. Elastic support is built in with double layer fabric through the bust area and extra layering through hips and tummy. A must for both elegance and camouflaging unwanted lines.

~Bob approved. Diane has worked together with her production manager Bob throughout her career. He is meticulous when it comes to quality control and each garment must be approved by him before it goes out to our clientele.

~ Each design must be fitted tested and approved by Diane’s team of full sized models who endorse her collection both personally and at her retail shows.

~ Locally made and giving back to the community. Diane Kroe apparel is locally made in Canada to ensure quality and control over production. She proudly supports the economy by providing jobs and contributing to the community through her cause of choice Voicefound.

Inspiration to Design

It's our fabrics that make the difference

A well designed, travel inspired, clothing collection begins with the perfect fabrics – easy, light and lasting textiles are the main ingredient to a great design that makes you look and feel your very best. Not too heavy, not too sheer and after playing with a multitude of textiles for over 20 years she has chosen a few quality knits that fulfill her customers needs.

Our sumptuous Venezia travel fabric, a high-quality knit blend of 92% polyester & 8% spandex that moves with you for elegant versatility and comfort. Its luxe hand and soft drape are elegant and effortless. Available in rich colours and stunning prints with wrinkle resistance, machine-wash and quick-dry features make it the perfect fabric for travel while providing you with luxurious, low maintenance pieces that you will have forever.

Our elegant yet care free Parisienne spa fabric, a natural feeling superior quality knit blend of 92% rayon & 8% spandex moves with comfort and ease. Its soft hand and smooth drape are both whimsical and casually elegant. Machine-wash and tumble dry make it the perfect fabric for durable, low maintenance pieces that will compliment your travel wardrobe.

Venezia Travel Fabric

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