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Minimalist Style

Creating a minimal lookmeans combining and wearing clothes that are simplistic in design.To many it’s also a lifestylechoice, it means no logos, no patterns, great fabrics, timeless style, interesting yet clean proportions and using mostly solid colours.

Some find it drab? Not me! A minimal style allows us to feel uniform, although it might seem a bit of a contradiction, it makes you feel put-together in a way that is still unique, classic and elegant.  Minimal style allows for infinite possibilities and combinations in your wardrobe…everything goes with everything!

I have created the perfect minimalist design for women who love to travel light. The Travel Tube  It's essentially a timeless Little Black Dress, engineered to change into many less-is-more style options such as a pencil skirt, tube dress, off shoulder top and more.  Try layering different pieces over top, or choosing unique accessories, while keeping it simple without sticking just to black and white.  


The New Minimalist

Travel Tube Minimalist Design
Diane Kroe Multi way Travel tube
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Have Fun and Travel Light!
~Diane Kroe

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