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Diane Kroe Fall & Winter Trends 2016

 Fall Trends 2016

Yey! It’s every woman’s favourite time of year!

Or at least I think it is?! I know it’s certainly mine!

 For me, fall is when the heat breaks a little (finally! I’m dying!), I don’t have to think about how I look in a bathing suit anymore (thank God!), and the kids are back in school (thank God!). Life generally is pretty sweet!

 Autumn is a time of year that emanates warm, comfy, and stylish. A time for layers, crisp walks through a beautiful vineyard, or even a last minute All-Inclusive getaway! It’s a time to discover new scarves, boots and hats. Let’s be honest, fall is basically accessory season and shopping for accessories is satisfying in it’s own unique way. 

 So today, in the name of fall, I am going to fill you in on what’s going on in the world of fashion and accessories! I’ll be covering the colour trends for fall, giving you a sneak peak at some of our new additions, and chatting about what to pack for you next fall getaway.


 This fall we are seeing inspiration being pulled from the rich, darker hues of nature. Colours like forrest greens, clay reds, taupes, and mustards dominate while greys, water blues, and rose are still carried forward from summer.

   Diane Kroe Fall Winter 2016 Colour Trends



At Diane Kroe, it’s not just about the colours. Diane is always working hard to find colours and prints that not only complement the season but transition smoothly into all different forms of travel. From home, to work, to leisure holidays and business trips- we make sure all of our pieces adjust effortlessly so you have more options and less hassles!

 In Diane Kroe’s own travel inspired interpretation of the season, expect to see new ombre colours, abstract bohemian, on-trend florals, and classic forresty prints. We have new prints coming in our classic Venezia Travel Jersey for our top selling pieces and the Mendoza Sweater Knit makes a comeback with some new adventurous prints for our incredibly popular Wanderlust Wrap!

        Diane Kroe Fall Winter 2016 Print Trend



So I have an inside scoop and I just had to spill. I’m excited to announce that during our show season we will be adding a *NEW* piece to the collection! I don’t want to give too much away so all I’m going to say is it’s warm, snuggly and stylish for fall and winter. It’s being introduced in some beautiful classic colours and of course it will transform with ease! The fabric is luxurious and travel perfect especially imported from Italy for this design.  So we will only have limited quantities. 

 All colours, prints, and new pieces will be available during our Holiday Show Season which kicks off in a Canadian city near you starting in November. Keep an eye out for more information on our shows!


Did you know that for 2 days each month Exclusive customers receive access to pre-order our sneak peak features below!? Are you a member? If so make sure to check your inbox for our Newsletter! If not, sign up to our Exclusive's Mailing List and be in on the scoop next time!



 AUTUMN OMBRE - The Perfect POP of Colour

Ombré describes the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. The technique is commonly seen as a surface treatment in fashion and art. {wikipedia}

Diane Kroe Fuchsia Ombre

  When the cooler seasons start to creep up most of us ladies tend to default to basic black. It’s okay, we all know why! It’s easy, clean, and looks good…or so we think. Without even realizing it, sometimes all black can take over. It can make you look tired and washed out even if you’re not. Once I noticed that my all black wardrobe was actually accentuating the dark circles under my eyes and that’s not exactly the feature I want accentuated!

 Now, Diane Kroe has the ultimate solution to your all black wardrobe! This fall/winter we are happy to feature *NEW* Ombré Reversible colours. Fading from black to a bold colour like red, fuchsia, and blue, these solids are incredibly chic and have the perfect amount of pop!  See our inspiration board on Pinterest.

 AND there’s bonus! All Ombré accessory pieces actually reverse to a full solid colour on the other side. So whether you want a hint of colour or a full on colour statement, the options are literally at your fingertips!

 SNEAK PEAK: Fuchsia Ombré Reversible Carry-On-Cozy

Diane Kroe Fuchsia Ombre Carry-On Cozy

Wear it: as a casual scarf to run daily errands or a kimono sleeve cardigan on a fall wine tasting tour.

 Pair it: with travel tights, cross top and a bold set of earrings.

 During our show season a few different ombre colour variants will be offered. Ombré colours will be offered in the Carry-On-Cozy, the Endless, and other customer favourites!


 FALL FOR THE TROPICS: Colour Love of the Year

Diane Kroe Mai Tai Print

 First of all, let me start by saying that traveling through the autumn months is a fantastic idea. As home gets chilly, many parts of the tropics are still toasty and inviting. Traveling on a “shoulder season” is a great way to explore exotic destinations and save a bit of coin - you know- for your vacation wardrobe ;)

 I’m giddy to announce that this year Rose Quarts pink (as you may know it’s my fav!!) and Serenity blue were actually voted colours of the year by Pantone Colour Institute. Keep these airy hues in play throughout your travels this year by adding colour inspired accessories. 

 One of our must-have travel accessories is our light weight Endless. This season we have a fantastic new print that encompasses this years two hottest colours and gives you a ton of ways to wear them!

 Also think of adding Serenity blue polish as a fun variation from the norm. Rose quartz shades or sandals look excellent with a holiday tan and our new print!

 SNEAK PEAK: Mai Tai Endless

Diane Kroe Mai Tai Print Endless

 Wear it: as a bathing suit cover on the beach or as a skirt while on a stroll through an authentic local market

 Pair it: with shades, a pair of flat strappy rose coloured sandals, and a woven beach bag

The Endless is a travel scarf and entire wardrobe in one!

 During our show season all new prints including the Mai Tai will be available. Prints with also be offered in the Endless, as well as the Carry-On-Cozy other customer favourites!

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All Perfectly Designed for You and Your Travels! 

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