Art Deco Print - Coral Evermore Top

As we all know, by definition that trends aren't meant to stick around for long,
so whenever choosing prints for my collection I always select patterns that are
universally flattering and will remain part of your hardest working wardrobe pieces. 


Our new Art-Deco print is a classic-in-the-making rather than a passing fad.

This season customers fell in love with our newest adaptable design,
The Evermore, both top and tunic versions with their figure flattering looks.  
We knew it was a match made in heaven for our new Art Deco print
to create a summer vacation staple with a high wearability factor. 

Diane Kroe Evermore Top Art Deco print worn strapless style

Create a flowey strapless top by tying the drawstring in a bow above the bust and tucking the sleeves inside.  
Bonus:  you can tighten the drawstring to avoid strapless slippage.  
Also, this design is cut away from the body for tummy camouflage.
Diane Kroe Evermore Top Art Deco Print off shoulder style
Everyone loves the feminine look of peasant style off the shoulder top.
Secure the easy stretch drawstring across your shoulders and tie in a bow.
Bonus:  you can tie the bow in the back for a more polished look.  
Also, the 3/4 sleeves make for great arm coverage when temperatures cool down
in the evening.
Diane Kroe Evermore Top in Art Deco Print worn skirt styleEveryone loves the feminine look of peasant style off the
... it's a skirt too!!  
Tuck the sleeves in and secure the waist with the drawstring and "voila"
you have cute summer skirt ideal for a day of shopping or a walk on the beach.  
Pair it up with a black Evermore Top and you've got a complete outfit.

Diane Kroe Evermore Tunic worn keyhole style.n

 I have a thing for flamingos!!
Flamingo Pink for this collection was a must for all my colour loving ladies!!
The Evermore Tunic with the drawstring crossed in the front makes a great dress for both the beach or a night out.  
Either tuck in the sleeves for a fuller look or tie the sleeves at the back for a fitted look.  

Diane Kroe Evermore Tunic Worn Cold Shoulder style.

The cold-shoulder look is a popular trend this summer and I needed to make sure
my customers could pull it off without committing to an off the rack
version that would be a wardrobe one-hit-wonder.
To get this look tie the drawstring behind your neck when wearing it off the shoulder.

Diane Kroe Evermore tunic Worn Skirt style

A favorite combination!!
The Evermore Tunic in a print as a skirt paired with the Top version in a solid as a camisole.  
You'll enjoy these pieces for a long time creating fun combinations where ever you go!! 

Diane Kroe Evermore Tunic as a Strapless dress in blue Art Deco print

I couldn't leave out the blue version of this print for all girls who prefer the cooler colours.
Worn here as a strapless cover-up for the beach by tucking in the sleeves for a fuller look.
If you have evening plans just tie the sleeves behind your back for a more fitted version.
Evermore Tunic : Art Deco Prints
Evermore Tunic : Art Deco Prints $118.00

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