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Chase the Sun - Look Book

Diane Kroe Chase the Sun Capsule Collection



Your perfect mini Beach Getaway Capsule Wardrobe!!
Fits easily into your beach bag and takes you from a day in the sun to evening fun!
Made in Toronto Canada Just for You : )



Chase the sun Diane Kroe

For this photo shoot we chose Travel Tights, Flip Suit,  Carry-On Cozy the Sleeve Sash and the Bangle Accessory
The fun part is you get to design your own unique "Chase the Sun" capsule collection simply by choosing from our beautiful colour options available in these styles.  
If you need help deciding, feel free to contact us for some style advice : )
.Diane Kroe Chase the sun Look #1


.Caribbean Cute.  Wear the Carry-On Cozy strapless style for a cool cover-up over your Flip Suit.  Also a fun layer piece paired with a pair of flip flops for a day at the beach.  

Diane Kroe chase The Sun Look #2

. One Shoulder.  The Carry-On Cozy one shoulder style is perfect for a layering top, day or evening it's your choice!  In these images it's worn over the Flip Suit.

Diane Kroe chase the sun look #3

 Summer Elegance.  Wear the Flip Suit as a skirt style and  the Carry-On Cozy as a cross front halter by snapping behind your neck.  Belt it with the Sleeve Sash  and Bangle Accessory to add some glam.  Pair heels for evening cocktails on the patio or sandals for a day of shopping. 


Diane Kroe chase the Sun look #4

Sarong Skirt Wrap the Carry-On Cozy around your Flip Suit as a sarong skirt and you're ready for a scenic walk along the shoreline.  


Diane Kroe Chase the Sun look #5

Strapless Sundress.  Wear the Carry-On Cozy as a strapless sundress by snapping above bust and wrapping around waist to hold in place with a Sleeve Sash.  Pair with comfy flats for a day look or add heels for evening.  


Diane Kroe Chase the Sun look #6

Beach Skirt.  Wear the Carry-On Cozy as a asymmetrical skirt by snapping at the waist and layering over your Flip Suit for a strapless top look.  Perfect for the beach or lunch on the boardwalk.

Diane Kroe chase the Sun look #7
Travel Style.  Wear the Carry-On Cozy cardigan style with long kimono sleeves. For travel comfort add Travel Tights and a Flip Suit making a perfect outfit for breezy weather and transitioning from warmer to cooler temperatures. 
Diane Kroe Chase the sun look # 8

Twisted Halter.  Wear the Carry-On Cozy as a twisted halter top by twisting and snapping behind your neck.  Add the Flip Suit as a skirt for an effortless day look.  Pair with comfy flats for casual or heels for dressy.


Diane Kroe Chase the Sun look #9

Glam Girl.  Wear the Carry-On Cozy as a poncho then belt at the waist with a Sleeve Sash.  Add the Flip Suit as a skirt pair with heels and your ready for an evening out. For a more toned down look try a pair of casual sandals.


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