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Less is More - A 4 piece mini Capsule Wardrobe

Diane Kroe Less is More Travel Wardrobe



 Travel practically anywhere with just 4 easy, elegant pieces!!

Road trip tested for 2 weeks through Italy by Curvy Girl model Tegan read more here.



Diane Kroe Less is More Look Book


Touring Italy with sprawling vineyards, gorgeous lakes, towering mountains, adorable villages and glamorous cities our curvy model Tegan planned her perfect Capsule Wardrobe with spontaneity as her inspiration.   She chose a Red Wrap Top, Black Fisherman's Pants 3/4 length both in Spa Jersey a white Endless in Venezia Travel Jersey, a Sash Belt in Red, and the Bangle Accessory.
You too can create your own unique "Less is More" capsule collection simply by choosing from our beautiful color options available in these styles.
If you need help deciding, feel free to contact us for some style advice : )
Diane Kroe # 1 Less is More Look Book

Less is More in Italy. A must-have for mid-season traveling. With 4 pieces and 1 Bangle Accessory, there are over 11 outfit possibilities.  Match our new Fisherman's Pants with our classic Endless as a halter top. Add the Wrap Top as a jacket to keep you warm when the evenings get cool. 


Diane Kroe Less is More Look 2

Elegant Comfort. For an autumn evening in the countryside. Match our Fisherman's Pants with our Wrap Top. To achieve this style reverse the Wrap Top and wear it as a high crew neck blouse. Add your favourite statement necklace to complete the look with elegance.


diane Kroe Less is More Look 3

Artist Chic. Let your creative side take over and transition from a chic day look to an elegant evening outfit. Pair our Fisherman's Pants with our Endless as an off-the-shoulder top. This styling hides the tummy and is perfect when indulging in Italian delicacies.


Diane Kroe Less is More Look 4

A Pop of Accent Color. The Sash Belt in the bold colour like red can add the perfect amount of pop and give some definition to your curves. 


Diane Kroe Less is More Look 5

Roman Holiday. Sophisticated yet flirtatious. Wear the Endless as a halter and match it with cropped wide-leg Fisherman's Pants. Our curvy model Tegan’s top choice and favourite look!


Diane Kroe Less is More Look 6

Refined Tourist. Explore your favourite city all day and night in this look. Fisherman's Pants matched with our Wrap Top. in a bold colour like red.  This look will keep you cool during the day and warm at night as you can easily turn the Wrap Top into its classic long sleeve style.


diane Kroe Less is More Look 7

Flowy Luxury. The perfect look for those days when you’re just not sure how the weather will turn out! Use the Endless to create a flowy daytime skirt. Add the Wrap Top in its classic long-sleeve style to keep arms and shoulders warm on a cool morning.


Diane Kroe Less is More Look 8

Cool and Classic. This look is perfect solution for warmer days. Simply convert the Wrap Top to create a halter look and pair with an Endless as a skirt. The best travel wardrobe is one that is versatile and offers solutions to day-to-day travel challenges.


Diane Kroe Less is More Look 9

Leisure and Sunshine. Easily transition into outfits that compliment warmer weather.  Wear the Endless as a dress by letting the longer ends drape down the back. Add the Wrap Top as a cropped jacket overtop to keep arms warm. Embellish by feeding the long ends of the wrap top through a Bangle Accessory for a sophisticated chic look.


diane Kroe Less is More Look 10

Coastal Glamour. Take your place among the glitterati of the coast in this look by converting the Endless into a dress. Feed the Sash Belt ends through the Bangle Accessory and wraps around the waist to accentuate the waistline and add a pop of glamour. You are now yacht ready!


diane Kroe Less is More Look 11

Beach Bliss. Perfect for a luxurious beach vacation! Feel like a classic film star in this combination. Simply wear the Endless in its classic form as a bathing suit cover. Add the Sash Belt as a beautiful head wrap to keep salty beach hair looking elegant. 

Surprise yourself with a new travel wardrobe and we will delight you with a gift!!

(Buy all 4 designs from the "Less is More" collection and we will send you a 2nd Endless of your choice as a gift...because we love happy customers : )

(Just let us know which colour in the "note" section when ordering).