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Less is More Travel Capsule Wardrobe - Behind the Scenes in Italy!


So there's been a bit of buzz going around about how I traveled to Italy with a few of Diane's pieces. In June on my own blog I wrote a bit about packing for this 2-week road trip through Italy. 

However, before that post-Diane and I put a lot of thought in about the best pieces and colors to use for a holiday like this.

We Kept it Classic With Colour


Black, white and pops of red where our selects. First of all, we both agree that we just love our hint of red. Black and white are the most classic shades and the red ties everything together to create that elegant yet refined look we love. 

We Mixed Versatile Classics with New Editions

For the clothing itself, it was important for us to select versatile items and introduce ways to wear some of our newer pieces. No matter where you travel it's always good to have pants, a skirt, some tops to mix and match, and an accessory piece to accent anything you want to pop or draw the eye.

With this in mind, we opted to select two of our most well-known and classic pieces the wrap top and the endless as well as three new editions like the fisherman's pants, sash belt, and a bangle bracelet


Travel Capsule Wardrobe Goals

Our first goal was to create the perfect travel capsule wardrobe for traveling during those in between months. It can become tricky to decide what to pack when you know you might be faced with a few different weather situations. In this case, I was traveling at a time when it was still hot in certain areas. However, the more north we went it shifted to lukewarm days and cooler fall like evenings. Sometimes during this time of year, a simple gust of wind can be enough to give you a chill so we wanted to pick pieces that would (literally) cover every weather variable.

Our second goal was to shoot the Look Book live on the road. To really test drive the capsule wardrobe and see how it stacked up in terms of taking it from day to night, photo shoot to city exploring, and of course from warm to cool. All the images were shot in Florence, Rome, Amalfi Coastand Sperlonga as we traveled. 

Wardrobe Results 

I am happy to report our selection was actually beyond ideal for this vacation. I managed to create 11 different looks. I had all the outfits I could have needed.

When it was a cool day or we had to go out for a dinner I could throw on the Fisherman pants (which are high waisted crazy comfortable for ladies like me with a tummy) and my wrap top as a jacket or a long sleeve shirt. 

On the days I would wake up and not know which way the weather was going to go I could wear the Endless as a skirt  or dress and throw the wrap top on as a long sleeve top or cropped jacket. If it got hot later in the day I could easily shift the endless into a long skirt and wear the wrap top as a halter. 

In the south, it was still warm enough to do some swimming and I had a built in beach cover with my endless the switched up to a cute little dress for those days on the Amalfi coast. 

Add the sash and bangle to it to spice up each look, a hat, shades and couple pairs of shoes and I had more than enough options to get through two weeks. 

I honestly didn't even need to pack a suitcase. A big bag was more than enough room. 

 I've said it once and I'll say it again but every time I travel with Diane’s pieces I find another reason to love them! This is the truth! 


Versatility Results

For those who know the brand, they know about those classic benefits all Diane Kroe pieces meet but for anyone new I'm going to lay it out here.  


I Never Worry About Wrinkles

Unless they're around my eyes ;) Every piece I brought with me was made with one of Diane's special travel-friendly travel jersey. It was really easy to just toss a piece into my bag, pull it out later and have it look like new. 


My Bag is Never Heavy

All of the fabrics Diane Kroe uses are light weight so even if I had to bring an extra few pieces for a day of random adventure my bag was never heavy and always had room for other things like souvenirs. 

 They Are So Easy to Clean

We only spent a few days in each city so there wasn't much time for laundry and some of the places we stayed didn't even have that option. If I needed to wash something I could just hand wash it in the sink and hang dry it. It would be dry by the next morning. 

I was also extra surprised with my white endless. White is sooooo easy to get dirty and things like tomato sauce love me when I'm wearing it. When I got a bit of dirt on the endless I was a bit worried. I hand washed it and I was reallllllly happy to see that it cleaned up perfectly! 

Every Piece Flattered my Figure

I'm a size 12 - actually since moving to France I'm more like a 14/16 (thanks, Baguettes, and paté) and I have some serious junk in my trunk. Especially around the tummy and the bum. The endless pulled away from my body to camouflage the areas where all the good food goes and the Fishermen's Pants had a second layer underneath for a bit extra coverage....which I like around my butt - I'm not gonna lie.  

They Transition SO WELL!!!  

I think this was one of the biggest things I took from this trip. I've clearly traveled with Diane's collection before and of course, I'm always surprised about how stylish, yet comfortable and versatile the pieces are - Like - I pretty much will NOT wear anything else when I travel.

However, this time, I learned something new. As I mentioned before we wanted to shoot the photos on the road while I was actually traveling. For me, this meant waking up early and treating it like a professional day in the sense that I would actually put make-up on and do my hair and get into that photo mode we models get into. It's a bit of a different vibe than your average tourist day. Or is it? I was really surprised at how easy it was for me to get up shoot some looks and then head out for a day of exploring. Everything was so comfortable that I didn't even worry about changing. I really could wear all these looks at any given time while I was on holiday. 

I guess my point is that these outfits I put together - are REAL wearable day-to-day looks that still look stylish and put together. 

At the end of it, all this was a really incredible trip. It was filled with all of my favorite things like beaches, carbs, Prosecco and beautiful clothes! 

Diane and I are both very excited to share the Less is More Travel Capsule Wardrobe with you in a few days time! 

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Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross

May 22, 2018

What an awesome combo!! Is the white Endless sheer? It looks beautiful!!

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